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City Street

About RNY Podcast

Are you a mom who just moved to NYC and surprised by what you weren't able to find online?

Are you a new mom who's lived in the city kid free for years and is now transitioning to mom life and don't know where to start?

Are you a mom who wants to seek the good of the city and foster that in your kids?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then we understand. We've been in your shoes or we're currently there now..


Raising New Yorkers is a podcast and community that equips moms to raise kids in a city that's next level hard: from cost of living, education, transportation, and work life balance. Through first hand experiences and interviews, Moms will get to hang with us while we seek the good of the city and foster that in our children.

By no means do we have it all figured out but we're committed to making this city feel a little smaller, make moms a little wiser, and create a culture where moms here don't have to navigate the nuances of the city alone.

Deidre headshot.jpeg

Is a mom of 4 who's called NYC home for the last 12 years! She's originally from Southern California and moved to New York to pursue her dreams of singing and acting.


Deidre has lived in the city with and without kids and has a plethora of knowledge of what it takes to raise kids in New York. Currently  you can find Deidre performing on stage as a Disney princess or acting in an occasional commercial.


Is a mom of 3 who's originally from the Northeast, but has lived in the south and PNW the last 8 years due to her husbands job. She's glad to be back on the best coast for many reason but primarily to be close to family.

Gyna's passionate about building genuine community. She's a full time mom who isn't shy about pursuing what she thinks God is calling her toward. Currently, you can find Gyna gathering moms through her organization, Moms Who Brunch or looking for her next adventure.

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