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Education Series: Charter Schools, An Innovative AlternativeDeidre Donovan & Gyna Uhrlass
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Education in New York City will forever be a hot topic. This season we're exploring various school options offered to New York City kids by sitting down with adults who have first hand experiences with them. Our guests will range from parents, teachers, and administrators.


As we wrap up this Education series, we thought we'd end it with mom of two, Priscilla Pan-Walton, who's currently a Charter School Principal in Queens and a native New Yorker. Priscilla shares a bit of her experience of going to NYC public schools throughout her childhood and why she decided after many years of teaching to open up her own school. It's enlightening to hear her perspective of how Charter Schools can be one solution to failing Public Schools, her views of curriculum, and where she thinks the problem lies in NYC schools in general. We hope this series further helps you along your journey on finding the best school option for your child and family.


If you're curious about Charter schools after listening to this episode, click here, where you can find out more and fill out a NYC Charter School Common Application. You can also search schools that are nearby to you!

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Meet The Hosts

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Deidre's a mom of 4 who's called NYC home for over a decade. Not much surprises her in these NYC streets since she moved here to pursue her dream of being a performer!



Gyna is a mom of 3 who's lived in NYC for the last 2 years. She became a mom in the burbs and discovering what it really takes to raise kids in the city.