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EP 006: Experienced Mom Chat with Joelle OhDeidre Donovan & Gyna Uhrlass
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For these experienced mom chats, we spend time with a variety of different moms from different backgrounds and walks of life to get insight into what it's like to raise kids through high school in NYC.   Joelle Oh has always been a city girl.  Originally from Seoul, South Korea and raised in Queens, her love of NYC is infectious.  She lives in a two bedroom apartment in Harlem, with her husband Sung Jin and they have a boy (age 15) and two girls (age 11 and 8). 

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Deidre's a mom of 4 who's called NYC home for over a decade. Not much surprises her in these NYC streets since she moved here to pursue her dream of being a performer!


Gyna is a mom of 3 who's lived in NYC for the last 2 years. She became a mom in the burbs and discovering what it really takes to raise kids in the city.

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