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The State of Real Estate Post PandemicDeidre Donovan & Gyna Uhrlass
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In this episode, we invited a friend of the show, Gabby Gilbert, licensed realtor and mommy to chat about the real estate market. This hot topic was fun to discuss with Gabby as she went into trends, ways people actually afford living in NYC, and her thoughts on what's to come for a city that was deemed "dead" about a year ago. 

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Meet The Hosts


Deidre's a mom of 4 who's called NYC home for over a decade. Not much surprises her in these NYC streets since she moved here to pursue her dream of being a performer!


Gyna is a mom of 3 who's lived in NYC for the last 2 years. She became a mom in the burbs and discovering what it really takes to raise kids in the city.